If you are planning a wedding in 2021 we know you have heard about the micro wedding trend. Due to the COVID-19 and social distancing orders, the micro wedding trend has picked up full steam, with brides-to-be from all over the world. When it comes to your big day, a micro wedding is not only just a beautiful option but also a budget-flexible and intimate alternative to a traditional wedding. While a micro wedding is smaller in terms of guest size, that doesn’t mean the celebration has to be any less spectacular. In fact, regardless of whether you have a small budget or a big one, a micro wedding gives you much more freedom when it comes to finding a venue, and plenty of opportunities to splurge on various elements of your wedding. So, what is a micro wedding?

Micro wedding ceremony on mountainside

What is a Micro Wedding, Exactly? 

A micro wedding is a unique celebration that combines the traditions of a full-blown wedding ceremony with a minimalist mentality. It’s intimate, beautiful, and also budget-friendly.

To start, micro weddings typically have less than 50 people—often less than 10, including vendors.

As the couple planning the wedding, however, you have the power to define what micro means to you. It’s more about a mindset than a precise number of seats at the dinner table. The flexibility and intimate experience are exactly why we love it!

What are The Advantages of a Micro Wedding? 

It’s Budget Friendly

When you reduce the number of guests at your wedding, the cost naturally goes down. Having fewer people on your guest list may also allow you to stretch your budget further. Minimising guests gives you an extra excuse to splurge on exciting extras as you spend less on catering and venue space. It’s also a fantastic idea if you want to create an unforgettable guest experience.

Your Wedding Will Be All About You

With fewer guests comes less work, fewer opinions, and fewer people to please. So, couples can plan their wedding with ease. It strips the planning process back to the important things: the people you absolutely want by your side and the experience you want to create for yourselves and your guests. Also, a micro wedding doesn’t have to include all the components of a ‘traditional’ wedding day, like a cake cutting or first dance. However, it all depends on whether the wedding traditions are important to the couple or not. If something doesn’t resonate with your vision, you simply don’t have to include them!

It’s Better for Your Guests Too

At a big wedding, couples are lucky to get five minutes to catch up with each guest. You spend more quality time celebrating with your nearest and dearest in an intimate setting with a smaller number. With a micro wedding, you can make your personal touches more significant.

Is a Micro Wedding Right for You?

  • If you are planning a destination wedding
  • If you are okay with forgoing your full crew at the wedding
  • If you want to minimize the cost
  • If you find large weddings overwhelming.
  • If you hope to limit your carbon footprint by using fewer resources for the wedding

Then we can totally say that the micro wedding is your thing!

Wedding reception dinner with family

How to Plan A Micro Wedding? 

Ready to go micro? Sounds good to us! We gathered planning tips you’ll need to make this small-scale celebration as memorable as a ballroom blowout bash

Start Planning Early 

Micro-wedding does not necessarily equal micro-planning. You need to reach vendors as early as possible in your planning process. That way, you’ll have a better chance of securing that caterer or florist that you really want. But be mindful of cancellation clauses, just in case you do have to make any schedule shifts. A month before the wedding, once RSVPs are in, you’ll be able to finalize table counts, florals for said tables, and other variables that are dependent on the size of your guest list.

And of course, try not to let the wedding-planning stress become a burden to your relationship — after all, this is a major celebration you’re working towards.

Determine Your Must-Haves

While a micro-wedding can certainly have most, if not all, of the same aspects of a traditional wedding, it’s helpful for the planning process to hone in on the most important part of the day to you.

How to Downsize Your Guest List? 

First things first. We can say that you will never regret investing in the people that you love the most. At the end of the day, a wedding is just the day, that signals the start of your marriage. Enjoy it, with those you love the most. When you are cutting the guest number, organise everyone in circles. Immediate family, bridal party, closest friends, extended family… When you have numbers for each circle you could figure out how many circles you could include. If you can’t include the whole circle then that’s your cut off point.

Finding the Right Venue

Once you have your guest list it’s high time to choose the location. A major advantage of a micro-wedding is the abundance of venues available. While large weddings are limited to event spaces that can accommodate a big group, couples planning intimate ceremony usually have their pick of everything from a boutique restaurant, an art gallery, or the top of an iconic structure to an intimate beach, a sunset cruise, or a secret garden.

Of Course, Hire a Photographer

It is still a momentous occasion that should be captured by a professional photographer. Take your time searching for the right fit, perusing online portfolios, and calling top candidates to get a feel if your personalities mesh.

What About Food, Beverage and Desserts? 

As a couple, you should get on the same page about food and beverage expectations. Will your ceremony be more of an open-bar type reception or a dry wedding? Are you planning a dessert-only event or several courses? Food and drink are often the biggest per-guest spend, so a micro-wedding allows a lot more flexibility with your choices. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be able to serve up some incredible food. If your reception is at a restaurant or bar, check to see if they have any specials, deals, or unique dishes for your wedding.

We do want to note, always double-check with your venue on potential liquor or alcohol rules.


Don’t forget about music and dancing! If you have space in your budget, consider hiring a DJ or book some live music for your party.


With a micro wedding, your natural surroundings can make a big splash. Choosing floral arrangements that are seasonal and match the environment can make for a less expensive and seamlessly designed wedding.

A benefit to micro weddings is your chance to give careful attention to any DIY projects. With fewer centrepieces and floral arrangements, you can spend more time or resources on each item.

Don’t Overthink It! 

Have you already bought a dramatic dress meant for a grand venue? Are you worried about offending those you don’t invite? Simply, let it go! The size of your wedding is no indicator of how lavish you can go with the things that matter. A micro wedding is meant to be more relaxed and personal. Focus on what’s important; getting married to the one you love. A micro wedding might not be what you were dreaming of but it can still be magical. You can always throw a huge anniversary party.

Two Brides laughing by the river holding balloons

What Should You Wear for A Micro Wedding? 

If You’re The Bride 

The micro wedding outfit reflects an easy-breezy attitude and, as result, opens the doors to a wide array of styles. From puff-sleeve shoulders to jumpsuits all the way to silky slip dresses — the options abound.

When it comes to throwing a micro wedding in style, airy, romantic gowns are popular. Surface textures like delicate lace, subtle beading and dainty embroidery stand out in natural light and photograph beautifully.

You can also go for easy silhouettes that play up the detailed, ethereal fabric and allow you to move around your alfresco celebration gracefully. Remember, effortless elegance is the key!

If You’re Mother of the Bride 

When it comes to a wedding, although the bride and groom are the leading roles, mothers can be just as excited as they are. So now it's time to choose the mother of the bride’s outfit! Since micro weddings are much more minimalistic than normal weddings, we must consider this when choosing an outfit for the bride's mother.

If the micro wedding takes place outdoor, we suggest choosing lighter or pastel colours for a more modern and understated look or take inspiration from the tones of your daughter's bridal bouquet.

If You’re a Bridesmaid 

If you are going to attend a micro wedding as one of the bridesmaids, there may be some ideas for your outfit from the bride. When choosing a dress model as a bridesmaid you can try the A-cut skirt model dresses. Shoulder details or different cuts also help you to capture a more dynamic vibe. In terms of colour, we recommend you choose pastel tones. Pastel tones, perfectly reflect a joyful mood.

If You’re a Guest 

Are you ready for the most lovely event you will attend after a long time? If you are invited to a micro wedding, first make sure you know where the wedding will take place. Micro weddings are more comfortable and intimate events by nature, so you can feel free to reflect your authentic style. You can have a sexy look with silk satin dresses, or you can reflect the spirit of the romantic day with a floaty maxi dress or forget the dress altogether and pick a fabulous modern jumpsuit.

Bride and groom in small wedding ceremony

Let’s Wrap Up

Micro weddings are smaller, easier to manage, and more intimate than traditional ceremonies. With a micro wedding, you have so many opportunities to be creative in your planning or scale things back to a budget-friendly ceremony.

Your micro wedding is your chance to create a very personal ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. One of the biggest benefits of a micro wedding is that you’ll have much more time to spend with all of your guests on the big day. Treasure the experience, and best of luck with your planning!

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