Brides, are you ready? As we approach the big day step by step, the details are starting to become clear. If you have decided on your wedding date, venue, wedding dress and hairstyle, it's time to decide how your bridal make-up will be!

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in fuller applications, defined brows, nude lipstick and that Kim K contour. Well, 2021 brides are now opting for more of a fresh and glowing appearance. Bringing back skin that looks like skin, a no-makeup makeup if you like. Products being used to enhance rather than a mask, to reveal a more personal and effortlessly beautiful finish.

This year, naturalness will be at the forefront in bridal make-up. Just like in wedding gowns and bridal hairstyles. 2021 brides now prefer a fresher and more radiant look. To achieve the look of effortless beauty on your wedding day, there are three important points to consider: relaxed, natural and simple.

So we have brought together the bridal make-up trends of 2021 to make you shine like a star on the most special day of your life. If your brushes are ready, let's get started!


More Natural Makeup Than Ever

We start from the face with our suggestions and continue to move on the same line of naturalness. Brides will prefer a skin with a much natural, shiny and moist finish giving an overall healthy-looking skin. For this, it's time to put your lightest foundation on the front row of your makeup drawer. If you have pimply or blemished skin, you should try to cover your skin imperfections with concealer, not the foundation.

Do not use the concealer on your whole face, apply a thin layer to the problematic spots applying more regionally. You can repeat this step until you reach the desired coverage level.

Illuminators and lip glosses will be the stars of your make-up on your wedding day.

Yes to Smokey Eye But in Natural Shades

Smoky eye makeup has always been the first choice of many brides who want to highlight their eyes. However, this year, your choice for smoky eye makeup should be more natural tones such as salmon, milk coffee. And light peach rather than tones such as black, grey and dark blue.

Smokey eye make up on model in neutral shades

If you wish, you can give colours like beige and rose a chance. You can choose a glossy or satin textured finish for eyeshadows rather than matte eyeshadows to capture that sparkly and shiny look.

Shiny, Shiny Lips

This year, there is no place for matte makeup products in the bridal makeup trends! You will shine a wonderful glow on your wedding day with moister and healthy-looking lips.

If you wish, you can get a more dynamic look by using a lip gloss in coral and pastel pink tones.


But, What About Red?

Although red is not a very comfortable colour for brides, there are many women in love with this colour. We admit that red is powerful and magical. What can we say, it is a truly timeless choice. This tone, which puts all other colours aside, also symbolizes passion and love, and in some cultures, red is believed to bring luck. Who wouldn't need a little luck on this big day!

Red lipstick bridal make up model

It's also very eye-catching, so if you are a bride who wants to complement the natural look of your makeup with a stunning ending, the perfect way to do it is definitely to use red lipstick. If you are a bride who will wear red lipstick, the most important point to pay attention to is to find the best version of the colour for your skin tone.



The most important rule of bridal makeup is to always avoid flashy and provocative shades. You should not make your look over the top by using too many colours together. It is always the best option to choose natural tones that will suit your skin tone.




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