Intimate at Home Wedding – Dee + Michael

Intimate at Home Wedding – Dee + Michael

Dee and Michael's intimate wedding took place at home

Post written by Jennifer See 
Newly married couple in an embrace posing for wedding photographs
Deanna wrote me just one month after her and Michael got engaged, brimming with excitement about their decision to elope in an intimate at-home wedding in downtown Toronto ... in less than a month! With a pandemic plot twist like that, how could I say no?! I jumped on board and got knee deep into the planning process with them.

Michael's parents were the gracious hosts of Dee and Michael's intimate micro wedding, which was a warm and intimate gathering of their immediate families. The details of their day were simple yet significant, with meaningful choices of having a family friend to officiate their ceremony, organizing a delicious drop off from Richmond Station for a perfectly tailored meal and covering their home in stunning delicate floral arrangements by Sweet Woodruff!  

The group gathered after the ceremony, watching heartfelt and tearful videos sent in from family and friends congratulating the couple. Then as the sun softly set over the family home, the group sat down to a lovely custom menu from Richmond Station. The energy at the table was palpable with  never ending laughter and ever flowing champagne as family joined family in toasting the newlyweds. 

This wedding reminded me about the magic of weddings, especially during these covid-19 times. Add in the extra magic that at-home weddings bring and how they are automatically filled with intimacy as special memories and stories are held by the walls surrounding them. I feel so grateful to have been included in Dee and Michael's day and for the warm hospitality of their families as they welcomed me with open, but socially distant, arms into the day, allowing me to truly share in the joy and celebration as one big family!! 

Wishing these two all the best in their next adventure together! xo

Bride posing for pictures before her wedding sitting on a window sill

Newly married couple in embrace

Married couple posing for wedding pictures outside

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