Everyone dreams of THE perfect wedding but some cases it’s not possible. There are lots of ways that family members, whether yours or your partners, might bring drama to your big day. Controlling family members might try to tell you what kind of wedding you ‘should’ have or might want to make the event all about themselves. This bad, you know.  

If you know that you (or your partner) have difficult family members that might cause a problem at your wedding, the best thing to do is try and defuse the situation before it happens. When they are your family members, not inviting them to your wedding might not be an option. This means you need to learn how to deal with them, so they won’t be ruining your special day.

Occupation Matters

To avoid issues with your difficult relatives you can assign them specific tasks to keep them occupied. This will enable you to take control over them and will make them feel included. By keeping your toxic relatives busy, you can limit the amount of damage they can do on your event. If you are not comfortable letting them do significant things, give them small tasks, like making sure the lights are in place or that all the invitations were sent.

Here Comes the Babysitter

During the wedding itself you can ask one of your friends to keep an eye on the difficult relative. And this way you can continue to enjoy the wedding, instead of worrying about what could they do wrong and how they might be ruining your day. 

Say No

When you are planning a wedding, you need to learn how to say “No” to people around you, especially to toxic relatives. Set boundaries and stick to them, no matter what.

Don’t Forget

If nothing works out you need to remember you have alternatives. You can always let them go. After all, a wedding is your day and you don’t have to put up with anyone. Ultimately, you can always choose to get married without any guests, just you, your future spouse, the person who officiates the marriage and the witnesses.

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