If it's time to organize a bachelorette party, we have some suggestions on what themes you might want to consider! If you are reading this article as one of the bride's closest friends, we confess, you have a lot of work to do. But don't worry, whether you're a bride or a bridesmaid; It is actually not that difficult to organize a memorable party with maximum fun! Today we share with you our favourite bachelorette party themes and the most popular 2021 ideas.



Meeting with Nature

Camping can actually be a very fun experience. You can choose resorts dedicated to spending wonderful nights under the stars, or you can plan a memorable weekend with your tents and campfire. Even your own home backyard can be suitable for this theme with a few small touches. For example, a beer service instead of champagne set up will immediately put you and your closest friends in the mood. Don't forget to toast a marshmallow on the fire and take your bug spray with you!



Favourite of Wine-Loving Girl Groups: Vineyard Tour

Skip the tasting events, it's time to play big! To organize the tour, research the wineries in your area, you can even get special prices for your group. If your bride loves wines, craft beers, or drinks like whiskey, it will turn into a wonderful experience that both you and she will never forget. Also, don't forget to arrange wine-themed custom printed T-shirts, even though the brides is special to that moment, party-goers can wear theirs over and over; could there be a more wonderful memory?!



Painting Night

Painting is a wonderful art that requires talent, we all agree on this. But you can't find a more fun place to relax a bit and bring out the good you have than a bachelorette party! How would you like to get together with your girl group in a studio and draw a male model figure while listening great music? Or if you wish, you can draw your own boyfriends or bride and groom according to your own artistic interpretation.



Last Sail Before the Veil

How about a bachelorette party where you can take great photos at sunset with special t-shirts, wine and cheese? Even though it is one of the classic ideas, the boat tour can be a fun activity with your group of friends.



Party Bus

If we come together for an unforgettable party, then we should celebrate in a completely unique environment where our own rules apply rather than classic venues, right? If you wish, you can also rent a party bus and travel to your campsite or to the area where your vineyard tour is located. This way, you will experience the most enjoyable journey of your life.



Best Bachelorette Party

Of course, you are already beautiful but now is the time to pamper yourself! We have a great suggestion for brides and friends who are interested in beauty, enjoy make-up, manicures and hairdressing sessions: Get the beauticians to the party. Have a day where you will feel great and have a lot of fun with professional hair and makeup artists. If you wish, you can schedule a spa appointment for your group before this beauty session and increase your energy with a massage to make you feel great inside and out.



Karaoke Time

It's time to put on the Shakira belts! Have a great day with your favourite girlfriends and the songs you just love to listen together.



Astrology Themed Bachelorette Party

Now everyone can more or less interpret their own horoscope. Astrology goes beyond the trend steps in popular culture. If you want to adopt this trend to your bachelorette party or to organize a bachelorette party that will not be forgotten for the bride-to-be who is interested in astrology, you can create a perfect memory by getting in touch with an astrologer. But please don't forget to make your makeup galaxy-themed too! This will be much more fun.

Last but not Least

One of the details that will make the bachelorette party special is that the decor is in perfect harmony with the moment as well as the originality of the organization.



Don't forget to check out our recommendations we've put together for you!

  • Instead of classic goblets, get booze bags into the game.
  • Instead of getting excited at the moment and getting the same tattoo as all your friends and regretting later, you can use party badges.


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