Nicola Peltz-Beckham Approves: Square Neckline Wedding Dresses

Nicola Peltz-Beckham Approves: Square Neckline Wedding Dresses

"Nicola Peltz shows: Wedding dresses with a square neckline are among the most beautiful ones for the big day"

"Modern and timeless: Wedding dresses with a square neckline like the one by Nicola Peltz are the most beautiful wedding dress trend of the coming wedding season. Due to the pandemic and the various protective measures, some weddings have been postponed to this year. Now the time has come, and the anticipation is great: In 2022, romantic festivals will finally be celebrated on a grand scale again and stunning bridal gowns will be presented. Nicola Peltz started and set the bar high: The actress married Brooklyn Beckham on April 9 of this year in a modern dress from Valentino with a long veil. And with her simple dress, Peltz was right on trend: minimalist dresses with a timeless character are worn at least as often at weddings this season as ball gowns with tulle, making them an important wedding dress trend for 2022."

"Wedding dress with a square neckline à la Nicola Peltz

A detail that will give bridal dresses a modern twist in 2022 and which Nicola Peltz also picked up on in her look: square necklines. Straight necklines that appear simple and still leave room for sophisticated details such as tulle sleeves give the wedding dresses of the season a modern and timeless look. The boxy cut, known as a square neckline, emphasizes the décolleté with its angular shape and provides a view of the neck. The Carré neckline (French for square) has a straight neckline, with the straps, which can be placed far outside or closer to the neck, meeting the top at a straight angle. The clean lines of this style ensure an elegant look for the dresses."

 "MARGO dress from Rowley Hesselballe shows that the square neckline creates a modern look without being boring. The dresses with square necklines offer a (welcome) change from the boho-style robes that have dominated previous wedding seasons."


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