Choosing the most beautiful wedding dress will probably be top of your agenda. But let us remind you that you will also need the most beautiful shoes to complete your gorgeous look. Among all the other bridal accessories, wedding shoes are definitely one of the most important. In the end, aside from your wedding dress, your shoes will be the ones you’ll have to wear for the entire day. When it comes to finding the best pair of wedding shoes, there are so many factors to think about. Do you know where to start? Don’t worry, here are our nine instructions for how to choose your wedding shoes.  


First Things First

  • Finding the right shoes starts with finding the right dress. First of all, you have to decide which style to go for.
  • When choosing your bridal shoes, you should consider the place where your wedding will take place. We all agree that high heels by the sea are not a good choice.
  • Be sure to break in your shoes. Also, don't forget to have a backup pair with you.

 Not sure where to start? Here are some instructions on how to choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes.


How to Choose Bridal Shoes?

Choose Your Dress First

Even if you think you have found the shoes of your dreams, don't buy your shoes before buying your wedding dress! Your bridal shoes will be the most important complement to your look on that day in terms of style, colour and accessories. If you are looking for a  short wedding dress, you can choose colourful models for a more eye-catching look. If you are going to wear a long wedding dress, you can keep comfort in knowing that when making your choice your shoes will not be visible at all times. That's why the length of the wedding dress you choose is important to know before determining the model of your wedding shoe. However, Don’t Leave It to the Last Minute After you decide on your wedding dress, buy the shoes and take them to your wedding dress fittings. The colour, model and comfort level of your shoes are as important as how they look with your wedding dress. The designer or tailor who will make the modifications to your wedding dress should see the heel length of your shoes to achieve the perfect result.

Set Your Budget

Before you start looking at the models, set your budget for wedding shoes. Deciding on your budget will allow you to discover the options available for you without getting confused.
  • Do you want your bridal shoes to be stunning or simple?
  • Will you consider your shoe fit with your partner?
  • Is style or comfort important for you?
  • Will you wear one shoe all day?
  • Do you want to choose a piece to invest? 
Many brides inspired by Carrie Bradshaw tend to prefer blue and its shades when choosing their shoes. If you wish, you can decide where you stand on colour first. Are striking colours, more natural tones or traditional white shoes appealing to you? If you are going to buy your bridal shoes online, do not forget to try them on as soon as you get them.

Consider the Venue

Just as you check the weather to decide what to wear in the morning, don't forget to check the surroundings of your venue. What about the stairs? Is the dance floor slippery? Your venue is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the heel length of your wedding shoes. In this sense, we recommend that you prioritize your comfort. If your shoes will hurt a lot and you want to take them off, this will prevent you from enjoying those key moments on your special day.

Wear Your Bridal Shoes At Home

Try the shoe over and over again. To test the comfort of the shoes, wear them inside the house, preferably on the carpet in case you return them. You can even try dancing in shoes if you wish! It will also be really fun to wear your shoes at home before your wedding so that you can truly imagine how you would look on your big day!    

The Heels vs. Flats Debate

Every woman can give her own answer to this question, but if we look at it from a general perspective, the first question to ask should be: How often do you wear high heels in your normal life? If you're a woman who wears stilettos three or four days a week, you're used to a high-heel size. However, if you rarely wear high heels in your daily life, it can be a torture for you to stay on those shoes all day. We have the following suggestion on this subject: Wear that ravishing shoe at the ceremony. Take as many pictures as you want and switch to more comfortable shoes as soon as you feel your feet start to hurt.  

Does Your Wedding Shoes Make You Feel Special?

Choose a shoe that makes you feel great while on your feet. Choose a wonderful wedding shoe that will stand out in both photos and real-life and reflect your taste.  

Re-Wearability vs One-Time Special Sentimental Wear

Are you going to choose a shoe with sentimental value and to keep, or a model that you can wear again and again later in your life? If you want a model with a memory that you can share with your children, be sure to thoroughly evaluate all the options to find that pair. If you are looking for something more practical, it will be much easier to choose from the models you can wear again after your wedding. Sandals or flat shoes can also be a comfortable option for you. You can also easily adapt these models to your daily style. Therefore, you can wear again and relive your wedding day every time you wear your shoes.

Don't Limit Yourself to One Shoe

Finally, we recommend that you have one for the wedding ceremony and one for the afterparty. Remember, the day is yours! Plus, consider picking a pair of wedding shoes that shows off your personality. It will not only make you feel special, but it will also ensure that your wedding is uniquely you, making the day even more memorable.
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