The 8 Most Important Questions to Ask at Your Bridal Appointment

The 8 Most Important Questions to Ask at Your Bridal Appointment

For brides who are currently planning a wedding, shopping for a dress will likely be one of the most exciting experiences during your journey to the aisle. This is particularly true for those who have envisioned this moment their entire lives and have yearned for the day they get to say yes to the dress. At the same time, though, the process can quickly become a little intimidating given everything that's involved, like finding a designer, silhouette, and overall style that suits you best. Therefore, it's helpful to walk into your bridal appointment with a few questions prepared, especially if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing.

So, to help, we shed light on the questions most brides should ask when searching for their gowns at a bridal appointment.

"What shades are available for your designs?"

There are so many shades of white and knowing which one you want to wear is important.

"How popular has this dress been in the past year?"

If you want a very unique gown, it's worth asking this question. This can also be a good way to discuss current bridal trends.

"What type of veil looks best with this gown?"

If you found a dress you think you want to wear, the next step is to fully envision your day-of look by trying on several different wedding veils. This is because some gowns may look best with a cathedral veil, while others look better with something short and more subtle. That this is a great time to ask your stylist for their opinion, especially if you're not set on what type of veil you want.

"Does this gown require a bustle?"

While bustles are a common feature on most gowns, they can change the silhouette of a dress and potentially alter the way your ensemble looks. That's why it's important to ask whether or not your dress will need a bustle.

"What customization options do I have?"

Many bridal gowns can be customized in subtle ways that can really make a style stand out and fit your aesthetics.

"What range of silhouettes do you carry?"

If you're looking for multiple dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, make sure to ask what range of silhouettes is available. More so these days, you will find transitional gowns, created from multiple separates, that allow you to remove different parts to create a whole new look. If you're interested in something like this, make sure to point this out.

"Are alterations done in-house?"

Unless you have a specific tailor in mind, it can be more convenient to have alterations done at the salon where you plan to purchase your dress. However, not all salons do alterations, so it's definitely important to confirm whether or not they offer this service before making any decisions. 

"What's the best way to store my gown before the wedding day?"

A bridal gown is a delicate garment and shouldn't be thrown into a closet until the wedding day. So, be sure to ask the stylist how you should properly store your dress before saying "I do." This can vary depending on the amount of beading or embroidery, the fabric the dress is made of, and the color. Some gowns can be hung up while others should be laid flat, but ultimately, your stylist will know exactly what you need to do to keep your ensemble in the best shape possible.

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