Rules of Wedding Fashion Are Changing

Rules of Wedding Fashion Are Changing

Once upon a time, getting married meant a beautiful diamond ring, a white dress, and a fluffy veil. Now, the rules of wedding fashion started to shift. Bridalwear is constantly evolving.

While you might think a wedding dress has to be something classic, white, and traditional, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, a determining factor for bridalwear is how an ensemble makes a bride feel inside and out. Everything else is just a matter of what's trending and personal preference. So, it’s time to give the brides more freedom to experiment with their favorite fashions.


6 Wedding Fashion Trends Forecasted to Dominate

With bridal fashion officially shifting, it’s no wonder new styles are taking center stage. In fact, when it comes to the current rules of bridal fashion, it ultimately boils down to...nothing. There are no new rules, and with an absence of guidelines, fresh ideas will only continue to cultivate.



Suiting and nontraditional two-piece styles continue to be popular with modern brides.


Multiple Looks

Wearing multiple looks on the big day has become one of the most popular trends to date. This usually entails a ceremony gown—which is typically more traditional—and a reception dress which tends to be a little funkier. Beyond that, some brides add in after-party looks as well.


Mini Dresses

They’re perfect for brides who love to have a bit of fun with their style.


Romantic-Inspired Elements

From shimmering fabrics to luxe embellishments, dramatic options and romantic details are officially on the rise.


Bridal Suits

Bridal suits are on the rise with more options becoming mainstream. With celebrities like Solange Knowles wearing a cream-colored jumpsuit and Emily Ratajkowski donning a mustard wedding suit, it should come as no surprise this new trend is taking hold.


Non-White Dresses



Classic Bridal Styles That Will Be Forever Staples

Even though the rules of bridal fashion have shifted from strict to self-expressive, that’s not to say some classic elements aren’t still popular. In fact, that’s what makes the changing wedding landscape so exciting—you get to showcase your style whether you’re a traditional or non-traditional bride. The simple clean lines of a slip-style gown, made iconic by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, will never go out of style nor will silhouettes like the A-line, sheath, or ball gown. Then, of course, there’s the white wedding dress. They are still—and will likely forever be—popular. Timelessness is always in style and the white wedding gown will forever be a popular go-to for brides.


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