There’s something quite romantic and mystical about the winter, and there are quite a few unique ways to create the most special wedding during the snowfall and dropping temps.

After a tough several months of lockdown restrictions, engaged couples are looking forward to 2022 with renewed hope and excitement. We’re calling all winter brides! We’ve got some ideas for you!

A new year means a fresh perspective and lots to look forward to, especially if turning the calendar means it will finally be your wedding year. Although your Big Day may seem far away (daily countdown, anyone?), now is the time to start planning while incorporating trends that the experts are forecasting. From event planners to wedding pros, we have insider advice on what to look forward to—and start planning for—if you're having a 2022 wedding.


What Will Weddings in 2022 Look Like?

2022 will be a busy year of course with so many postponed weddings. For this reason, couples will be exploring new avenues and non-traditional venues. 2022 will be about just being together and having an amazing celebration with good food, lots of drink and good music.


What Are The Top 6 Winter Wedding Color Palettes for 2022?

While there’s nothing wrong with a classic red and green, we understand if you're looking for something a little more non-traditional so we put together six different color palette ideas to inspire your winter wedding décor.

Blue, Gray-Beige and Metallic

Turn to winter weather for color inspiration. Elevate the blue of a clear winter sky and the dusty shadows of a blanket of snow in everything from tablespaces to ceremony backdrops. Add a few metallic notes here and there for a bit of extra magic. 

White, Ivory and Taupe

From dried leaves and bare trees to frozen prairies and cozy barns, a neutral palette plays homage to winter’s pastoral side. Think mangers and farmhouses to influence those rustic vibes, from wooden banquet tables and burlap accents to weathered structures and organic bouquets. 

Black, Gold and Greenery

Black doesn’t need to be dark and dreary. On the contrary, it looks sophisticated when paired with gilded accents and festive when coupled with touches of evergreen. It’s upscale meets rustic, with a dash of holiday glitz—the perfect seasonal combination. 

Crimson, Merlot and Burgundy

Turn Christmas red on its head with a moody palette of berry-toned hues. From wine to ruby, various shades of red go off-the-beaten-holiday path by adding dimension and texture. A great way to achieve this look is by combining similar seasonal blooms. 

Gold, Copper and Brass

Bring out the glitz and glam with all things gold for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Ditch the classic sparkle and instead opt for metallic finishes, from plateware to centerpieces. We especially love this look when it’s infused with a bit of celestial inspiration from a twinkling winter night sky. 


White on White

Send guests walking into a winter wonderland with an all-white wedding. Let falling snowflakes and icicles guide your vision here, from lucite seating to classic white cakes.


Winter Wedding Trends of 2022


Candlelight is back – although it never really went away. Set the mood, set the scene, and light up those chilly nights with bouts of candlelight and soft, amber hues.

This is a great way to evoke the spirit of the season without adding to the budget or your stress levels.


Simplistic Wedding Cakes

Long gone are the days of extravagant cakes.

Instead, simple designs are setting the scene. Focus on beautiful tones and light accents.



Rainbow technicolor is taking over the wedding world. Long gone are just greens or monochromatic tablespaces!

Instead, bright tones are popping up everywhere – and that goes for colder celebrations too. What bright tones can you create a technicolor design from for the winter? Cranberries, emerald, gold, sapphire, chocolate, and more.


All-White Bouquets

Monochromatic schemes are always a timeless way to go. And when it comes to your floral designs, all-white bouquets pay homage to the season in strides.

We love the simplistic nature and sophistication it adds to our brides too. Don’t be afraid to add some dusty miller or frosted berries in there for texture.


Bridal Capes

In the world of winter wedding day fashion, capes are making a splash. Different textures and fabrics are being used to cover up the chill but also enhance the essence of the moment. 


Nature-Inspired Themes

A lot of winter weddings are staying away from very specific themes and using nature itself as the inspiration. Focus on the snow that’s falling or the greens from the pines.

Decorating your space with organic elements is such a natural and romantic way to celebrate your big day. It feels much more attainable as well and timeless!


Sustainable Table Designs

While weddings have occasionally been accused of being wasteful in many ways, they absolutely don’t have to be. There are many different eco-friendly wedding choices you can make to reduce wedding waste or lessen the carbon footprint of your event.

Borrow some decorative details from nature and incorporate them into your wedding style. For example, use real leaves as place cards for your guests to find their seat at the reception. There are so many creative and affordable ways to reuse glass jars, tin cans, wine bottles, and more to create absolutely stunning centerpieces.


Local Flavors

So, in all fairness, this may not be a specific “winter” trend but it’s a growing trend nonetheless and we thought it was imperative to mention.

Provide your guests with local bites that show off and pay homage to the flavor of the space you’re celebrating in.


Vegan Wedding Food

Health-conscious guests aren't just abstaining from alcohol; many people have changed to vegetarian or vegan diets during lockdown and we'll see these dietary lifestyles out in force at weddings in 2022. For those eating meat, seasonal and local will be king.

But it'll be more important than ever to taste the vegetarian and vegan options from your caterer.

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