There are many small details to take into account when planning your wedding. A hashtag is one of them. In the digital world, social media has become our daily diary. You can make this very special day unforgettable with your special hashtag.


Don't forget to check out our suggestions for creating an original hashtag.


Using hashtag at your wedding is the easiest way to combine all pictures on social media accounts and make them accessible with one single click. Wedding planner Shannon Gail Clemonds agrees to that and says, "Almost all of our weddings had a personalized hashtag.”


A good hashtag will inspire all your guests to demonstrate their photography skills. The hashtag you have chosen should be adapted to the decoration at the highlights of your wedding venue so that your guests do not forget to use it while sharing photos.


You can search the sites that allow you to create your hashtag on the Internet, work with companies that provide this service for a certain fee, but if you ask us, the best hashtags are usually created by the people at the centre of the organization with a flash of inspiration.


If you are trying to choose a hashtag for your wedding, let's take a look at the tips we have compiled for you.



How to Choose a Hashtag?

Start with Basics 

This may sound a bit boring at first, but starting with your basics will increase the originality of the hashtag. We recommend that you make a list of everything that might be relevant to include in your hashtag, like:

  • Your full name
  • Spouse's full name
  • Wedding date
  • Other important dates (the day you meet, your first date, etc.)
  • Year
  • Name of the place
  • The theme or style of your wedding
  • These are the basic details you can use to create your hashtag, also they will come in handy when brainstorming.
  • Time to Brainstorming

As silly as it may sound, write down a few ideas that come to mind. This can spark new ideas to add to your hashtag. Leave aside the hashtag ideas that contain general expressions (like #NameName). There's no need to be cliché! This is one of your most special days, and the hashtag you choose should be as special as that day.

If you were born with your partner in different countries, you can turn this into an opportunity and mix the two languages and create an original hashtag.




The wedding hashtag should be as fun as it is original. After all, you are one of the happiest couples in the world! That's why you should create word games in the hashtag of your choice. Creating puns is the lifeblood of hashtags!

Think of possible alliterations and rhymes that might be helpful. Grab a thesaurus and start exploring words that have similar meanings to your first and last names.

If you still haven't found a way out, you can seek help from a humorous friend or family member. Best man can also be a great source of inspiration at this point, after all, it's his job to be funny!


Pick Your Favorite and Don't Overthink

Is one of the hashtags on your list closer to you than the others? Yes, we think exactly that too. It seems like you've already made your decision. 

Now that you have made your choice, you do not need to think about it any more. Will you remember this hashtag forever? Yes maybe. Will you forever love photos where everyone has tagged you using the hashtag of your choice? Exactly! But a few months after your wedding, the photos attached to it will attract your attention, not the hashtag. And this will go on forever.


Remember to Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word

This may seem like a minor detail, but for clarity, you should capitalize the first letter of each word in your wedding hashtag.

 This way, your guests will read the hashtag clearly and see where each word begins and ends. Also, recognizing your joke or puns will be easier thanks to this tiny detail.

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