Happily Ever After Begins Today – Donna + Craig

Happily Ever After Begins Today –  Donna + Craig

Photos by James Ireland Photography

Our amazing RHL bride Donna chose our stunning ALEDA wedding dress for this very special day. 

Tell us your love story...

Craig and I met 8 years ago, we pretty much knew we were meant for each other from the outset, we are very similar people and are always laughing.

We got engaged in Sicily in 2019 and were supposed to get married in July 2020. That didn’t happen obviously because of the pandemic but we did have a little ceremony of our own on the day just to commemorate the day. We finally tied the knot in July this year and it was a wonderful day, we couldn’t have asked for a more special wedding.

Why did you choose Rowley Hesselballe?

My Rowley Hesselballe dress was dress number 2 because my first one didn’t feel quite right after the crazy year we had and the second choice turned out to be the perfect one! I truly love it.


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