What Do We Mean by a Wedding Theme? 

It is the idea or concept of your event. This can be your favourite colour, maybe a song you like. It could be your favourite movie or style from a certain decade, such as the 70s or 80s.



How to Choose a Wedding Theme? 

There are a few important things to keep in mind when deciding on the theme of your wedding.

First of all your guests need to easily understand your theme. And your theme most importantly should reflect you and your partner. 

The more original the theme you choose, the more memorable the event you plan will be, we recommend that you avoid the classic stereotypical concepts. 


Why Do I Need a Theme for My Wedding? 

The theme is a starting point that shows you where to begin the planning process. It creates an answer for every question, from how to decorate to what colours to use. Pick a theme and make your planning easier. 


Inspiration, The Real Question 

You can get inspiration from everywhere when choosing a theme. The surroundings of the place where you are planning to get married, the time of the year when you are planning to get married, or from the huge sources of inspiration on social media. But remember when trying to implement something you see on Instagram or Pinterest,  make sure that you give yourself plenty of time for planning this because the decor/organization you are trying to re-create may not be as easy as you think.

And don't forget, when choosing your theme, you should also consider your budget.


Popular Wedding Themes of 2021



The "Do It Yourself" theme will mark the year 2021. The changing order in the world as a result of the pandemic suggests that we will rarely encounter crowded wedding ceremonies in 2021. You can reflect the "DIY" theme with decorations made from dried flowers, handwritten thank you and welcome cards.



Virtual Ceremonies 

Zoom meetings will continue their popularity in the new year as much as we have seen in 2020. When it comes to turning the crisis into an opportunity, you can share your wedding on Zoom with your relatives and friends anywhere in the world with one simple click!



Nature-Friendly Weddings

With the concept of sustainability becoming more prominent in our lives, we are now paying more attention to the environment than ever before. You can inspire and gain your guests' appreciation with a theme that puts the environment first at your wedding. Instead of balloons and disco balls, you can create a modern and minimalist decor with dried flowers and natural tones.



If you wish, you can arrange a tree planting party with your guests after the cake ceremony and create a wonderful memory for everyone.



Vivid Colors

Younger generations want to reflect their spirit and energy on the most special day of their life. Vivid colours used in the decor or original cake designs made with striking colours are key for that effortless but impactful effect A theme that steals the show with its positivity and a new favourite for couples.



If this much colour is too extreme for the groom don't worry ladies, why not try it at your bachelorette party? 



Scandinavian Style

This theme, the exact opposite of vibrant colours, has a colour scheme that includes mostly earth tones.



The Scandinavian Style will be most prominent in your table setting design, reflect a mix of hygge and true skandi-chic style to give a wonderful calm and cosy feeling to your guests with this minimal and stylish theme.



Bohemian Style 

It never goes out of style! Bohemian themed weddings will always be remembered. This year find a large open terrace with a beautiful view or a lush garden, perhaps even your own garden for an unconventional twist and bring your guests out into nature!

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