Timeless & Sustainable

Timeless & Sustainable

The concept of "vegan silk", which has recently been included in our lives, is very suitable and comforting to the concept of sustainable fashion.

Vegan silk is a product made entirely of waste, consisting of unused parts of cotton, advanced in silk, high biodegradation rate, half of which disappears completely in 2-2.5 months when you bury it in the ground, leaving no traces, can be washed at low temperature, can be cleaned with a little detergent.

There is no use of animals at any stage of the production of this fabric from dyeing to softening.

The fabric is one-of-a-kind in that it is naturally soft and light. It's incredibly breathable and also very eco-friendly because it doesn't require any finishing chemicals or hazardous items to make. It is most likely the most environmentally friendly cloth on the planet.

Cupro, a vegan silk fabric, is the favorite design material of our new capsule collection consisting of six new dresses. Cupro, which is also the design material of the PALERMO dress, is produced from pieces that reflect the feeling of real silk, wasted in cotton production, and turned into a by-product. In addition to vegan silk, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and linen with a viscose blend are used in the production of the dresses. The fabrics used in the collection are Cupro and recycled polyester certified by the European Vegetarian Union.

Having said all of these, it’s time to introduce you with PALERMO.

The PALERMO dress is the perfect style for events, with its subtle leopard printed fabrication made from 100% vegan silk this dress is all about style and statement.


The halterneck design is created by either twisting or knotting the straps together as desired and the wrap-over skirt gives this dress a sexy edge with all the freedom of spinning around the dancefloor, all night long.

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