Enhancing natural waves, skipping the extensions, and working with natural textures instead of against them are all key factors inspiring brides this season.

Having the perfect hair for the big day might not immediately catch your eye on an endless wedding-to-do list. But if you ask us, it is as important as choosing a wedding dress, venue, shoes or even a wedding ring.

Natural, timeless of with accessories… no matter which hairstyle you choose, the most important thing is how you feel. If the model you choose feels good and happy to you, this energy will be reflected in your smile.

Let's answer some of the most curious questions before deciding on your hairstyle on your wedding day.

How Do I Choose A Wedding Hairstyle?

It is of the highest importance to keep one style. Light dress – light airy hairstyle, more elegant style – consider a hairstyle with a smooth texture.

Should I Have My Hair Up Or Down For A Wedding?

It depends on your look and preferences. hair-ups is a more comfortable option to spend your wedding day. And loose hair looks very easy and natural, but in hot weather, they may lose their appearance, so it is important to consider what event you have planned.

How Do I Choose Wedding Hair Accessories?

Choosing the right accessories is a very delicate and tedious task. They can be either large (for example, combs or flowers), or small neat pearls or rhinestones. It is important to set the only one accent and use the one material for all accessories. For example, if you wear golden earnings with peals use the same style in your wedding hair accessories. Don’t use the heavy jewelry in the hair, they can ruin your look and cause discomfort during the day.

Should I Wear A Tiara For My Wedding?

Depends on your look in general. If you doubt, you can choose 2 types of jewelry and spend part of the day. For example, with a tiara in your hair, and before dinner, change to another, for example, a comb.

How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Cut Your Hair?

It is undesirable to cut hair before the wedding if your hairstylist did not recommend it to you. Freshly cut hair is more difficult to style. It’s better to consult with the master.

When Should You Dye Your Hair Before The Wedding?

In the process of creating a hairstyle, it is better to use a liquid polish, rather than aerosol. As a result, the hairstyle will be fixated perfectly and you will miss the over-polished look.

Bridal Hair Trends of 2021

2020 was the year of letting go of our perfectly polished selves and finding a happy medium between casual and least for Zoom calls. It’s no wonder that vibe has transferred to our bridal inspo. Brides are wanting to look more like a glammed-up version of their natural self.

Besides that, updo models, effortless curls that we call beach waves are extremely popular. Hollywood waves are also very trendy. The important thing is that the style you choose is completed. The collar model of your wedding dress, your wedding venue and of course the weather are among the criterias you should consider when deciding on your bridal hair.

It is no surprise that braid hairstyles are at the top of the trend list in 2021. This model, which also winks at bohemian brides, can be used in many different ways. You can add a whole new dimension to your look with flowers or small hair accessories.

 Bride sitting at mirror putting on her earrings before wedding

Classic updo will continue to be the choice of many brides in 2021 with its timeless look. If you want to highlight your neck, you can also choose high bun models. The half-bun, on the other hand, winking at brides who care about comfort and favour naturalness. Delicate and cute, this model is ideal to emphasize the natural beauty of any bride.

Model in bridal jumpsuit posing with one arm on hip

The ponytail is an excellent alternative for brides with a lot of hair. If you choose this style, we recommend that you make sure that your hair looks voluminous. For creating the perfect volume, comb the tail, and use ample hair spray!

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