Because ballroom reception isn’t for everyone!

Ceremony With Neon Light Installation

For a neon-themed wedding, you can fill the wedding venue with a collection of neon lights in your wedding colors.

Acrylic Sign for Phone Charging Station

Few things are worse than realizing you only have 10% battery life remaining during cocktail hour, but you want to be able to snap fun pictures while you break it down on the dance floor at your bestie's wedding. Combat that issue by creating a charging station for electronics at your wedding.

Hoop Skirt with Champagne Flutes

Instead of having serving roam cocktail hour with a tray of champagne flutes, you can have your waiters worn flutes of bubbly.

Monogrammed Ice Cubes

Up-level your signature cocktails with personalized ice cubes that showcase your monogram.

Ferris Wheel at Wedding Reception

If you grew up loving the county fair, consider renting a Ferris wheel for your wedding as an homage to the magic of festivals and fairs.

Throw A Surprise Wedding

If you don't want everyone making a big deal over your wedding, plan it in secret—and then spring the celebration on your guests.'re actually at our wedding!

Host A Wedding Brunch

Bonus points for a waffle wedding cake. And free-flowing mimosas, of course!

Rethink The Traditional Children's Roles

Instead of a flower girl, how about confetti men, ring bearer pets, or flower grandmas? Just because we've done something a certain way for a zillion years doesn't mean it has to stay that way! Imagine the surprise and delight your guests will experience when they see your new twist on this tradition coming down the aisle...

Find Alternatives to Flowers

Flowers are one of those things people "expect" to see at a wedding, so it's fun to find an unexpected alternative. If you love the pop of color flowers impart, opt for colorful ribbons as the backdrop to your ceremony or looped into a bouquet. If you still want something natural, use only greenery or pampas grass. Dried flowers are another great spin on this wedding tradition!

Feed Guests with Food Trucks

Food trucks are equal parts fun, flavorful, and festive. Spread out some cozy blankets and floor pillows on the lawn, let your guests grab their food, and host a casual picnic-style reception they won't soon forget.

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