7 Bridalwear Trends from Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2023

7 Bridalwear Trends from Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2023

Discover Bridal Fashion Week highlights and adapt to your big day with Rowley Hesselballe. For those currently engaged and seaching for the perfect wedding look, you're welcome!


Blue Hues 

Blue is the new pink. For years we’ve seen various iterations of pink wedding gowns, but this season signaled a change and the color blue was center stage. Our Alexandra in blue fit for any bridal celebration. 

Sheer Fabrics

Bold designs were taken to new heights. Step it up a notch by incorporating embellishments with MARGO, LARA, and LINA.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Necklines are always a trend we look out for each season, and the Spring 2023 collections brought a few interpretations of this design element—one being asymmetrical necklines. Discover this trendy silhouette with LAYLA. 

Mock Neck

A second neckline trend that graced the runway this season was mock necks. Royally inspired, this silhouette has been seen on celebrities like Paris Hilton, Ellie Goulding, and Lady Kitty Spencer, and has increasingly grown in popularity over the past few years. We featured this style with VICTORIA.

Heirloom Separates 

As we've seen in the past few years, brides are ditching traditional ballgowns for more modern designs, with separates becoming a bridalwear staple. For Spring 2023, we designed two-piece looks that could easily be worn long after a bride says "I do."

Party Minis

The mini dress has made its way through several Bridal Fashion Week seasons, and we can only hope everyone continues to embrace this trend. For the bride who's not afraid to show a little skin on the big day here's our favourites: AZRA, ALEXANDRA.

Elaborate Ballgowns

Even with the surge of mini dresses, there's still a demand for glamorous ballgowns, especially with the return of large-scale weddings. ELIZABETH and SIENA are the most breathtaking ballgowns for brides looking to feel like the belle of their ball.


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