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Time to Celebrate

December 28, 2020

We start the Christmas celebration with a fun shot. If you want a special start to the new year at home, listen to the suggestions of Rowley Hesselballe creators Canan Hesselballe and Rosie Poole and wedding & event organizer Bruce Russell. Canan Hesselballe and Rosie Poole, the creators of Rowley Hesselballe offers evening gown collection called Mediterranean Evenings to add a sparkling touch to their brand's modern plain silhouette, made a fun shoot in London to remind people that there are still ways to celebrate. They collaborated with wedding and event organizer Bruce Russell for the "Girls Night In" themed shoot. We asked Canan Hesselballe and Rosie Poole and Bruce Russell about the details of the shooting and how to make New Year's Eve special.

Your brand is preparing to celebrate its first anniversary. 2020 was such a tough year, how was yours?

Rosie Poole: 2020 has really changed the way bridal and eveningwear brands interact with their customers, we were lucky as an online brand that we already had a way to connect with people and so we have been able to help those within the safety of their own homes. We have also been incredibly blessed to have the support of our retail and marketing partners around us, who have guided us through the on-going global pandemic, sharing their vast experience with us. We are looking forward to the new year and celebrating our first birthday in February 2021.    

What is the story behind the Mediterranean Nights collection? How many pieces you have and what was your inspiration?

Canan Hesselballe: We wanted to create a collection of eveningwear which mixed the modern and simplicity of silhouette Rowley Hesselballe is known for with a touch of sparkle. Both I and Rosie love the sea and believe a seaside town always had a certain magic about it and is often a place you always want to revisit. We wanted to create a collection that reflects the beautiful colours of the sea and the gorgeous sunsets you witness each time you visit that magical coastal town by the Mediterranean sea. The collection consists of 7 unique dresses and a fabulous tulle skirt and silk organza blouse. We believe that the Akdeniz Aksamlari collection spells elegance and timelessness alongside that magical feeling you get when returning to a place you love.  

The collection is sold at Gizia Gate Nişantaşı store, right?

R.P .: Yes, the collection is available exclusively at Gizia Gate NIsantasi so make sure you head to their store to see it for yourself!    

“Girls Night In” campaign looks amusing. How did you decide to work with Bruce Russel on this shooting?

C.H .: It was such a fun shoot! It was the perfect antidote to the difficulties and stresses everyone is feeling at the moment. Bruce was introduced to us through a very close friend and has a similar outlook on life and positivity to us not to mention he is an incredible world-renown event planner! We decided to create this magical and fun shoot in London to remind people there are still ways to celebrate, even with all the restrictions and cancellations around the world regarding events, parties and weddings. No matter what the occasion dressing up for a ‘Girls Night In’ is a fabulous way to boost your mood. Why wait for a special night out when you can bring your closest friends for a glamourous night in!  

We won’t have crowded parties for this New Year’s Eve, but could you give some style tips to fashion lovers who are going to spend that special night at home?

R.P .: Make the evening special by getting on your most fabulous dress or jumpsuit!! We might have nowhere to go this New Year but getting dressed up is the perfect way to make this evening different and stand out from every other one this year! So dig deep in that closet and I find that the dress you haven’t had a chance to wear yet or pick out your favourite “go-to dress” and team with a pair of killer heels and pop some bubbles to celebrate the beginning of a new year!  

Cozy pieces stepped forth during the pandemic. Are you planning to create that kind of collection?

C.H .: Loungewear has certainly been the big trend of 2020 and a lot of brands have had to adapt and change. At Rowley Hesselballe London, we are looking more at the growing trend for clothing that has versatility and longevity. As a brand, we dress our customers for exclusive events, parties and for the most special day of their life ... their wedding day! Perhaps in 2021, we will help them to travel in style before and after these events ☺ Stay tuned for 2021!    

What should we expect from Rowley Hesselballe in 2021?

R.P .: 2020 has been a very difficult year for the world, and we believe 2021 will be the year of change, hope and celebrations again! We are very excited to showcase and share our new direction for our 2021 collection in the new year. We are also looking forward to announcing some surprises throughout the year with new collaborations and an extension of our product offer.  

What is your new year wishes?

Health for the world. Celebrations for people. Success for Rowley Hesselballe London.  
Inspired by the Mediterranean beaches, the collection consists of seven dresses, a tulle skirt and an organza blouse.  
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