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Meet Canan Hesselballe & Rosie Rowley Poole in BeStyle Magazine

December 28, 2020

With the desire to revolutionize the wedding dress and evening wear industry, Rowley Hesselballe London brings its modern and affordable luxury designs to the online platform. Successful female designer partners Canan Hesselballe & Rosie Poole, who are two close friends, are here with their capsule collections specially designed for Gizia Gate. Canan and Rosie are very excited about this collaboration, offering their collections named "Mediterranean Evenings" for sale at Gizia Gate, a privileged platform with Turkish designers.

How did your fashion career begin? Did you receive a related education?

We actually met 10 years ago on the first day of our fashion degree at the London College of Fashion! Before that, we are both took our first steps into fashion working for high-end designer retailers, Hugo Boss, Harrods and Valentino and Selfridges.


Could you inform us about your fashion career a bit?

After we graduated we both went on to work as buyers for famous British designer brands and then we joined the same brand and spent 3 years working together heading up the womenswear clothing and accessories departments as buying managers.


The brand’s name Rowley Hesselballe London, where does it mean?

The brand name is a combination of our family names, Rosie Rowley Poole and Canan Hesselballe.


What are the most distinct features or symbols that represent your brand?

Our brand focuses on bringing affordable luxury through modern and contemporary designs. It is important our brand is inclusive to all women and by offering our products online all women can buy into Rowley Hesselballe London at the click of a button, delivered to their door the next day.


Could you talk about your newest collection “Mediterranean Nights”? Colours, designs, inspirations…

This collection was inspired by our travel around the beautiful coastlines of Turkey and the mesmerizing colours of the sunsets and the ocean. Our palette of ocean blue, pearl white, silver sand and midnight black all embody the splendid colours of those Mediterranean nights. The collection comprises of 7 gorgeous evening gowns in a mix of silks, chiffons and crepes and a romantic silk organza shirt and embellished flowing tulle skirt.


What is your inspiration and what affect you the most when preparing a new collection? Which materials do you prefer?

When creating new collections, we usually draw inspiration from our travels and the different types of women we meet in various cities around the world, however, with the current restrictions on travel due to coronavirus we have spent the summer exploring the streets of our home city, London, which was an exciting new discovery of style and trends. Fabrication is an important part of our design aesthetic as our styles are centred around strong silhouettes and so we focus on using luxurious fabrics in silks, chiffons and structured crepes.  

Do you have a special charm or accessory that you carry all the time?

We both wear our evil eye charm every day and we believe it brings us good luck and gives us good energy.


What is the most important accessory for a woman according to you?

It has to be a killer heel…. Nothing completes an outfit better than the flash of a fabulous shoe!


How has your collaboration with Gizia Gate developed?

There are nearly 100 Turkish designer brands at Gizia Gate, including the pioneers of Turkish fashion. Their mission is to support and promote Turkish designer brands. We believed it would be good to be featured as Rowley Hesselballe London on a platform that supports designers in this way. Therefore, Turkey's first private multi-brand concept store designer to take place in Turkey's market also meant for us to start from a good point. For these reasons, we worked on a special capsule collection.

Where we can find Rowley Hesselballe London designs?

You can buy from our bridal, bridesmaid and eveningwear collection on our website www.rowleyhesselballe.com and our new Mediterranean Nights collection is available exclusively at Gizia Gate Nishantishi, Istanbul.

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